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Announcing: EONS 0.1

The EONS project team is finally ready to announce their project, and the main purpose of this blog; EONS. EONS stands for (eCycling Omniuser Nondiscriminatory System) and is a Linux OS serving as a free alternative to Windows with all the features the average user would need and in a very lightweight version. It is designed to work on all machines, regardless of speed and has mostly been tested on sub-500 MHz machines with 64mb RAM and a 2.1 GB hard drive. We are currently only using version 0.1 in-house and are preparing install CDs for the general public once we feel it is bug-free. The main features are:
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated Windows program support through Wine
  • Automatic unobtrusive updates
  • 2.2
  • Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Educational and scientific software is bundled
  • Looks like Windows to help ease transition for non-Linux natives
Now, we want your feedback on what features you want to see most. We have a new poll on the right side of the screen, but if there are features or questions we haven't addressed send us an email: eonsproject (at)

Here are some screen shots to tantalize:

The desktop of EONS 0.1

EONS with Writer and KStars planetarium program.

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