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EONS: Some hard numbers

I recently did some testing of the latest stable build of EONS, 0.23.2. Here are some of those results:

System 1:
266MHz Gateway Solo 9100 Laptop
64mb PC100
4.3GB hard drive
DVD/floppy drive
No NIC or modem

System 2:
650MHz P3
128mb PC133
40GB hard drive
NIC and modem

System 3:
1GHz P3 Gateway All-In-One
384mb PC133
6GB hard drive
Wireless card

System 4:
2.8GHz P4 with hyperthreading
512mb DDR333
60GB hard drive
NIC and modem

Startup times (from pressing the button to getting to the desktop):
System 1 - 2:23
System 2 - 1:02
System 3 - 0:51
System 4 - 0:41

Loading 2.2:
System 1 - 0:17
System 2 - 0:13
System 3 - 0:04
System 4 - 0:03

Loading on a DSL connection:
System 1 -n/a
System 2 - 0:15
System 3 - 0:10
System 4 - 0:08

Now let's compare those to the XP machine I have here.
1.67GHz Athlon XP
512mb DDR333
40GB hard drive
Windows XP Pro SP2

Startup time - 1:13
Loading Word 2000 - 0:10
Loading (in Firefox for continuity) - 0:13

Now I thought that might not be entirely fair, so here's data from my personal computer, with XP Pro slapped on it:

1.6GHz Sempron 2800+
1.5Gb DDR400
2x 250GB hard drives, 8mb cache
Windows XP Pro SP2

Startup time - 0:40
Loading 2.2 - 0:06
Loading (in Firefox for continuity) - 0:09

A graphical view of the test results, shorter bars are better.

Then the same computer with EONS:
Startup time - 0:37
Loading 2.2 - 0:04
Loading - 0:02

So it looks like XP Pro can compete with EONS in speed, but look at the comparisons. The first XP machine, the 1.67GHz Athlon XP with 512mb DDR333 was comparable to 266MHz or the 650MHz running EONS. The 1.6GHz Sempron with 1.5Gb DDR400 was on-par with the 2.8GHz P4 with 512mb DDR333. In a pure hardware-hardware comparison it should have blown it away.

We hope to be ready for a full release of EONS in January or February, so keep coming back for more information and certainly more useful documentation.

"Tillamook on Wayne." "Tillamook on Garth."

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