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Debian derivatives stuck on install

If your Debian or Debian derivative (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/etc.) gets stuck on install one of several things could be happening. You need to have at least 64 mb RAM, 96 mb if you don't want the "low-memory" install. It could be faulty hardware as well, memory especially since Linux is very sensitive to faulty RAM. But if you get through most of the install and it hangs on Installing anthy... then that's an easy fix.

I did this while installing Xubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) on a 100 MHz laptop with 64mb RAM and a 2.1 GB hard drive (who says old computers are junk). And yes, it runs and I use it for mobile C programming. It should work on any Debian or Debian derivative system, but I've only experienced it on Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives in the "low-memory" installation.

Anthy is a Japanese character converter. If your installer hangs on Installing anthy... then press ALT+F2 to switch to a command line console #2. This is a nice trick for Linux at the command line, you can open multiple consoles by pressing ALT+F keys. Press ENTER to activate the console. Type ps to see all running processes with their process id. You're looking for the process id for /usr/bin/mkworddic. Type kill -9 xxxxx, where xxxxx is the id for /usr/bin/mkworddic. Now press ALT+F1 to go back to install screen, where it should move past anthy.

Now go out and make use of those old computers.

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