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EAT Initiative

Below is the Equal Access to Technology Initiative, created by the EONS team, and used to guide our decisions and research.

Equal Access to Technology Initiative

Objective: The purpose of the Equal Access to Technology (EAT) Initiative is to, as the acronym implies, “feed” the minds of those with fewer means to use and learn about high-tech devices, technology, and programs; especially children.

Implementation: The EAT Initiative has three main methods to obtain the objective:
1. Identifying those in need and getting them the resources they need to become competitive in an increasingly technical world.
2. Make the technology affordable enough to be within their grasp.
3. Educate those in need as to how to use the technology and how to obtain the information they will need to continue learning on their own.

In following these methods we will work with the county commissioners, social workers, and youth services to identify and aid those in need. We will also offer discounts on our already low price items to help defray the cost to those in need, and even offer technology for free to those with the least means. We will also work at developing and supporting free software for use by those in need as well as the general public. Education will be offered in the form of booklets, resource centers, and classes when needed.

Every day gifted children are being held back by limited funding and opportunities to expand their abilities to their full potential. Programs will be developed to help push these children forward and allow them to build important technical and programming skills, at the same time building their math skills and taxing their minds.

Through these ways we hope to bridge the digital divide, starting locally and thinking globally. If other entities will follow the EAT Initiative as well we can work together to make sure no mind goes hungry for knowledge.

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